About The Artist Alyson Cadd

I am a UK Artist and now live in the South Hams in Devon. I am slowly rediscovering my artistic roots and painting the lovely landscapes and seascapes of this area of England. I use a variety of media for my paintings including watercolour, ink and pastels. Recently I had one piece, called 'Respite', chosen for display in an art gallery in Kingsbridge. 

I am now experimenting with painting in acrylics, coloured pencil and collage - particularly using Oriental styles and techniques. I am applying these to wider subject matters, including flower and wildlife illustrations and abstract artwork. My style (and nature) tends to be controlled and realistic, however I am determined to be looser and more expressive as time and skills progress.

Pet Portraits and Commissions

I have completed several commissions for pet portraits in pastels, watercolour, graphite and ink. Please see the gallery here. Portraits start from £40 and can be completed from emailed photographs of good clarity. I can also provide attractive gift certificates (of any value) and am happy to support local causes and charities by donating gift certificates to fund raising events. If you would like to commission a pet portrait or discuss a specific project or event, please contact me


From BA...

In the1980s Alyson studied Art and then specialised in Retail and Interior Design in Manchester. After graduating she went on to work for major retail chains and then Daniel Thwaites PLC, upgrading their portfolio of pubs, hotels and restaurants.

to SEO...

Following a break to have a family Alyson retrained in marketing, specialising in graphic design, branding, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website design. Basically using art and design skills in any feasible way. She ran her own consultancy between 2006 and 2016, when she decided to retire early, move to South Devon and rekindle her artistic interests.

to MDF

Having redesigned and renovated a house she had a multitude of sample pots of house emulsion paint, along with several off-cuts of MDF board. Being enterprising she decided to paint some landscapes and semi-abstracts on MDF, which sold at a local exhibition. She has also completed commissioned graphite and ink portraits of people and animals, one of which was offered as a prize in a community competition.

Based near Kingsbridge in Devon, she is still on a journey of discovery and teaching herself to paint with various mediums and unusual materials, using brush, air-spray and collage techniques. Her ambition is to create large but simple, highly visual pieces of art that people want to have in their homes. Alyson accepts commissions and is particularly interested in working with other artists to network, support and share ideas for developing ways to display or sell their art.

Social Media

facebook.com/alysoncaddharlington  - my art business page


facebook.com/groups/buyartdirect - a group I manage for a select group of UK Artists to offer artwork for sale

If you are an artists you may be interested in a collection of thousands of Royalty-free reference photographs I have amassed, which are now housed in 24 subject specific albums on a facebook group page I created, called Free Reference Photos for Artists in Devon.

Contact Me

Please fill in the short form below with any enquiry and I shall respond as soon as possible.

Audrey Hepburn from a royalty free image on Pixabay A4 graphite by Alyson Cadd

Audrey Hepburn

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Professionalism, eye to detail and a finished product that shows her skill. Best wishes for all your future projects.

K Worthington - Manchester (19-08-2018)

Spot on, we are thrilled. The detail is amazing, right down to his missing tooth! We are honoured, they are so good. Thank you!

Karen - Kingsbridge (17-07-2018)

She loved the portrait of Marti, thank you so much.

JM - Chillington (07-07-2018)

Great service and lovely artwork. Thank you!

Chris - Sheffield (11-04-2018)

Many thanks to Alyson for the fantastic drawing of mums beloved Poppie. Such an amazing artist!

K Sutton - Chillington (03-01-2018)